We analyze sales data to find exactly why some leads convert while others don’t.

Using a combination of machine learning and publicly available data sources, our analytics engine dives deep into lead disposition data to append a conversion probability score for each new incoming lead.

The result of improving the conversion rate is an increase in net sales while simultaneously lowering the cost of marketing.

What makes us unique

By scoring the lead in real-time and at the time of lead acquisition, our client's gain new insights for their leads that open up an entirely new avenue of increasing sales. 

Our ability to partner with our customers allows us to not just score incoming leads, but to prescribe new lead sources which have been specifically designed to meet the success profile created out of our analysis.

No one wants to support a marketing activity that will lose money. 

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Beyond DI is a team of data scientists and developers with a singular vision: to help customers increase their sales success by improving their lead quality.